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TODAY, Safely2Prosperity LLC (S2P) Founder and Executive Chairman John Norris, JD, MBA, and CEO John Covender, are pleased to announce the addition to S2P’s product offerings of VXPASS, a vaccination-authentication product developed by VX Technologies (VXT) of Del Ray Beach, FL USA. S2P is gold-ranked globally as a COVID-19 enterprise safety program innovator. VXT is a top-rated COVID-19 vaccination verifier.

VX PASS is one of the innovative blockchain solutions developed by VXT. It verifies the administration of vaccines of all types, from COVID-19 to the Flu, and for all ages, from childhood to adulthood. It addresses the growing demand for infectious disease spread risk management by enterprises, from manufacturers to universities, both large and small. VXPASS provides a low-cost, highly secure, and easily accessible solution for authenticating a digital healthcare record. With the addition of VXPASS to S2P’s Enterprise Infectious Disease Safety Platform, US and global businesses can better ensure a more secure and productive workplace.

The use of this world-class product in conjunction with S2P’s Safety Program will help protect employers in many ways. For example, the employer will be able to better protect the finances of its company and the lives of its employees and families. And thereby, the employer will fulfill its social and legal duties and lower its health insurance costs, rate of lost productivity, and levels of liability for negligence, recklessness, or intentional tort.

The addition of this top-rated vaccination authentication product will boost S2P’s further development and market share of its COVID-19 Infectious Disease Safety Program Platform and Employee Dashboard. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system is the world’s first comprehensive, 24/7 COVID Safety Program.

To perform these functions, S2P’s Safety Program uses its SaaS infectious disease risk-management platform and add-ons to its platform, such as VXPASS, to provide employers with infectious disease-related:

1.   End-to-End Structured preparation, oversight, and management.

2.   Improved monitoring and tracking, including multi-dashboard custom reports.

3.   Effective preventions, mitigations, controls, and other tools, including alarms, alerts, and trends—all based on continuous risk monitoring and risk assessments.

4.   Documented legal proof of efforts to protect and comply.

S2P’s advanced platform empowers the whole organization – from CEOs to CHROs to employees (on behalf of themselves and their families) – to manage their COVID-19 responses. They assess and report on the risks, actions, and inactions at all levels of the organization: from department to facility to floor to shift to team.

The overarching goal: Getting back to work. Safely!

VXT President Justin Pauly says: “We are pleased to partner with S2P to resell our vaccine verification technology solution.” VXPASS, as with other VXT solutions, puts patient-owned, fully verified, and unchangeable information onto a trusted network. In addition, this solution enables employees and enterprises to easily prove the integrity of their data on a moment’s notice.”

In sum, VXPASS is a low-cost, high-impact solution to help prevent fraud or error in authenticating the vaccination status of those employees (or their family members) seeking entry into a work facility. In addition, it helps to assure management that their employees are adequately vaccinated, including being up to date on compliance with their vaccination schedule. And therefore, they and their coworkers are safer. It fits well with S2P’s advanced technology and is critical to fulfilling S2P’s broader mission.

S2P Founder and Executive Chairman and former FDA COO Norris says: “In every way—from vision to idea to invention to production to sale to distribution to operation—VX Technologies has created a highly impactful product offering. VXPASS is a major solution to an otherwise intractable problem: How do we quickly and at low-cost authenticate each employee’s or family member’s vaccination card before they are allowed entry to a work facility? Today, fraudulent or erroneous vaccination cards are everywhere.”

Norris Adds: “Using this world-class product in conjunction with S2P’s Infectious Disease Safety Program will help protect employees and families. And for enterprises, it will lower costs of health insurance, rates of lost productivity, and levels of liability for negligence, recklessness, or intentional tort. Our extensive use of this VXPASS product will aid our rapidly growing infectious disease risk-management company with swift growth. But, most of all, featuring a top-of-line vaccination authentication product like VXPASS will assist Safely2Prosperity’s Gold Standard SaaS-Driven Infectious-Disease Risk-Management Safety Program reach its full potential.”

Without an advanced, highly reliable vaccination authentication strategy, program, platform, and device in place, employers are at far greater risk. “Going bare” here is a poor business decision that might come back to bite a CEO, CHRO, or Board Chairman and seriously harm their business enterprise and its employees and families.

S2P CEO Covender says: “I am pleased to have VXPASS available to us in service to humankind. Together, we will save lives in the broadest sense of that phrase. But, most of all, we will renew workers’ faith in their employers and give them renewed confidence in the safety of their families.”

To arrange a demonstration of the combined S2P Platform and VXPASS, contact S2P at 617-680-3127 or [email protected]. Or visit our website at

Covender adds: “S2P’s advanced platform is extraordinarily impactful when combined with VXPASS. Together, they empower the whole manufacturer, warehouser, distributor, university/school system, or government agency enterprise to manage their COVID-19 responsibilities and responses more efficiently, safely, and effectively.”

Soon, S2P and VX Technologies will jointly add the capabilities to authenticate Flu vaccinations. This double authentication capacity will prove critical if research finds that simultaneous infection from both diseases is more deadly than just the sum of its parts.

 Getting employees back to work. Safely!

Investing smartly in the safety of employees. We save lives.

With even one life saved or just one lawsuit prevented, S2P’s solution more than pays for itself.

 John Norris and S2P Have a Powerful Vision

“The best buy-in occurs with bottom-up COVID-19 initiatives. So, we now need comprehensive, bottom-up initiatives and supporting tools for companies, schools, and government agencies to fight better against the current Pandemic and the next one and the next one.” 

Fred Hassan,

Former Chairman of PhRMA and President of IFPMA, two of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry advocacy groups.

ABOUT Safely2Prosperity

Safely2Prosperity is a leading US (Boston-based) infectious disease risk-management innovator and solutions provider. Founder and Executive Chairman, John Norris, is best known globally as a thought leader in health and healthcare risk management, a former US FDA leader and Harvard faculty member, and a successful entrepreneur in IT, AI, and ML technology-driven solutions. CEO John Covender is best known for his leadership, steadfast loyalty to diversity, and commitment to helping others. Together, they are a dynamic team.


VX Technologies is a Verified Record (VR)™ on Blockchain company that provides secure certificates at a low initial purchase price and at low recurring costs. It currently serves COVID-19 and other global vaccination markets and is expanding into verified academic records and other applications. VX Technologies builds its solutions on an immutable source of end-user-owned evidence for use everywhere across the globe. It relies on distributed ledger technology to ensure security, privacy, and accessibility. VXPASS is one of VXT’s most potent products. VXT’s management team is top-drawer.

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