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New Blockchain Technologies

Data is verified, borderless, secure, low cost, has clear ownership, and is mobile first.

  • Verified trusted professional and institutions
  • Low start-up costs
  • Low ongoing costs
  • Easy to scale
  • Fast deployment
  • Constant access
  • Medical records created at time of care
  • Education or training certification

Global Reach

Where We Operate

VXTECHNOLOGIES operates on a global scale.

• Strategic partnerships in the United States and on the African continent help us bring our solutions to those who need it. Our agents currently operate in 32 countries with expansion opportunities available.

  • Global operations
  • Agents operating in 32 countries
  • Strategic partnerships


Our Markets

VXTECHNOLOGIES products reach every facet of life that needs to be verified. Our markets are global and where the verification of accurate and authentic data from trusted sources occurs.

VXTECHNOLOGIES verification is verifiable anywhere there is the internet. The opportunities for verification range from personal achievements in education and professional credentials to your vaccination status or prescriptions.

The core of VXTECHNOLOGIES is that we verify. We provide the technology to instill trust where it has been lacking. VXTECHNOLOGIES exists to serve these markets steadily and at scale. We aim to overcome problems that seemed impossible to solve before blockchain. Our records are immutable and sanctioned by a government and or governing body to instill trust in individuals, providers, and the societies that they serve.

Currently, our markets are focused on promoting individual sovereignty and public sovereignty. Individual sovereignty means that you should have a record of your life. Your credentials, certifications, treatments, and more should be usable as you see fit. Public sovereignty means you should be able to verify the credentials or status of anyone you need to. Whether you want to secure someone’s vaccination status or professional credential, you should be able to anywhere and for free.

VXTECHNOLOGIES chose to tackle global trust markets for two reasons. First, billions of people worldwide face issues related to the authenticity and availability of records. Second, they are solvable on both technological and financial scales with blockchain.



VXTECHNOLOGIES is committed to be energy efficient to preserve our natural environments, protect our planet, and improve our communities. We incorporate sustainability into our core business operations and company structure through tangible business practices and decisions. One key way VXTECHNOLOGIES is energy efficient is our use of the most efficient blockchain technology. VXTECHNOLOGIES uses the most energy efficient blockchain, the BSV Blockchain, to store infromation and implement our products. MNP, one of Canada’s largest professional accounting and business advisory service firms, published a report, The Search for a More Efficient Bitcoin, which “compared models and real-world data from BTC, BCH and BSV, stated that BSV is the most efficient due to its unbounded transaction processing capacity.” MNP said to PR Newswire. Also, check the cryptocurrencies coin carbon cap in real time.

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