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June 2, 2022 – Del Ray Beach, FL USA

VX TECHNOLOGIES (VXT) announced that it has wrapped up three days of presentations and meetings at the BSV GLOBAL BLOCKCHAIN CONVENTION, held at the Grand Hyatt Dubai. Justin Pauly, VX Technologies President and Co-Founder, spoke on how blockchain technology is being uniquely used to verify, store, and retrieve any kind of record, especially in healthcare and education.

Dr. Catherine Lephoto, VX Technologies Executive Sales Director in Africa, served on a panel discussing how blockchain applications will propel economies and social development on the continent of Africa. The panel was considered unique because the African continent presents opportunities like no other for blockchain products. The BSV blockchain presents a true leapfrog opportunity for African economies and an incredible investment opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors in this space.

“Digital Sovereignty is a generational shift, and we are proud to lead that charge across the globe. Our time in Dubai was extraordinary. It was quite an event, and we look at this as a company milestone.” said Justin Pauly.

Dr. Lephoto added: “VX Technologies is bringing solutions that emphasize the importance of data ownership to the peoples of the continent of Africa. It is true that in the 4IR world, data is currency”. She continued: “We believe that the sovereignty of that data must be safeguarded and placed in the hands of the people; this will transform the future prospects of the majority of the people of Africa, especially the youth.”


VX TECHNOLOGIES is a Verified Record (VR)™ on Blockchain company that provides secure certificates at a low initial purchase price and low recurring costs. It currently serves the verified healthcare records market and recently launched a similar application for verified education and training achievement records. VX TECHNOLOGIES solutions are built on an immutable source of end-user-owned evidence across the globe, using distributed ledger technology to ensure security, privacy, and accessibility.

Justin Pauly
[email protected]