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VXTECHNOLOGIES (VXT) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with The American Chamber of Commerce – Ghana (AMCHAM) to serve as a reseller for its VXPASS to US companies with employees working in the Republic of Ghana.

VXPASS is one of the innovative blockchain applications developed by VXTECHNOLOGIES and provides verification of the administration of vaccines of all types (childhood and adult) as well as verification of testing results for viruses such as COVID-19. It addresses the pressing need in developing economies for lower cost, highly secure, and easily accessible solutions for verified digital healthcare records. With AMCHAM providing VXPASS to US businesses in Ghana, more secure and productive workplaces can be achieved.

“We are pleased to work with AMCHAM in delivering cutting edge blockchain (WEB 3) technology solutions in healthcare to the Republic of Ghana” said Dr. Catherine Lephoto, VXT’s Executive Sales Director, Africa. She continued: “VXPASS, as with our other solutions, puts patient-owned fully verified, and immutable information onto a trusted network, to easily prove the integrity of their data at any point in the future.”

Simon Madjie, Executive Secretary, American Chamber of Commerce in Ghana, stated: “The Chamber views the partnership with VXTechnologies and the vaccine verification project as the next bold step to verify vaccinated persons, which will enable businesses to fully return to normal operations.”


VXTECHNOLOGIES is a Verified Record (VR)™ on Blockchain company that provides secure certificates at low initial purchase price and low recurring costs. It currently serves COVID-19 and other global vaccination markets and is expanding into verified academic records and other applications. VX TECHNOLOGIES solutions are built on an immutable source of end-user owned evidence across the globe, using distributed ledger technology to ensure security, privacy, and accessibility.

ABOUT The American Chamber of Commerce (Ghana)

AMCHAM is an affiliate of the US Chamber of Commerce. It is a voluntary association of professional and business people working to create an environment where business can thrive between Ghanaian and American communities. AMCHAM exists to promote commercial, economic, educational, and cultural ties between the United States of America and the Republic of Ghana.