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VXTECHNOLOGIES (VXT) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with IOT.nxt (a member of the Vodacom Group) to serve as a reseller for its Blockchain Verified Records products to IOT.nxt’s Internet of Things customers. Included in the Agreement are VXACHIEVE, empowering the labor force with trusted information about training and academic skills achieved, and VXPASS, vaccination verification that is patient owned and accessible globally. VXPASS, one of the innovative blockchain applications developed by VXTECHNOLOGIES, provides verification of the administration of vaccines of all types (childhood and adult) as well as verification of testing results for viruses such as COVID-19 to better ensure workplace safety. VXACHIEVE delivers low cost, highly secure, and easily accessible verified records for academic and training courses so that employers can hire smarter.

Together, with IOT.nxt technology, secure and productive workplaces can be better achieved. “It is exciting to be working with IOT.nxt to provide blockchain (WEB 3) technology solutions for the workplace” said Dr. Catherine Lephoto, VXT’s Executive Sales Director, Africa. She continued: “Our solutions prevent fraud by delivering fully verified information, allowing employers and employees to easily prove the integrity of their data, any time and at any place in the world.”

“We are excited to work with VXTechnologies to offer their cutting edge blockchain verification technology through our Internet of Things applications. This combination provides powerful digital transformation solutions for our customers within the Smart Spaces Solutions offerings across various market verticals” said David Ramphekwa, Global Head, Customer Success.

VXTECHNOLOGIES is a Verified Record (VR)™ on Blockchain company that provides secure certificates at low initial purchase price and low recurring costs. It currently serves COVID-19 and other global vaccination markets and is expanding into verified academic records and other applications. VXTECHNOLOGIES solutions are built on an immutable source of end-user owned evidence across the globe, using distributed ledger technology to ensure security, privacy, and accessibility.

IoT.nxt is a global Internet of Things company offering dynamic software and hardware IoT solutions. Majority owned by Vodacom Group, IOT.nxt is a recognized Internet of Things innovator and recipient of numerous accolades from respected organizations, including Microsoft and Gartner.