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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Tech Vegas event was jampacked with innovative and exciting consumer technology, and even included multiple operators in the BSV blockchain ecosystem. Finally, we have a highlight reel from the event. Watch it here or read the summary below!

Kurt Wuckert Jr. welcomes us to CES Tech Vegas 2022

The video kicks off with CoinGeek’s Chief Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr. welcoming us to CES Tech Vegas 2022 and telling us which major BSV players are in attendance. The list includes:

  • Bitcoin Association for BSV
  • BSV Blockchain
  • Omniscape
  • Built By Gamers
  • Haste Arcade
  • VX Pass
  • Smart Ledger Solutions
  • And others!

Clearly, BSV has a strong presence at CES Tech Vegas 2022.

Instant Leaderboard Payouts (ILP)

Wuckert interviews Eric LaForce from Haste Arcade first. He notes that there’s a ‘metaverse’ theme running through the conference and asks LaForce how that has been from a client acquisition point of view.

“It’s been a lot of really great conversations, and we’ve made a lot of connections… we’ll do some follow-up after CES to dig deeper into those,” LaForce tells him.

LaForce then outlines that Haste Arcade isn’t just about gamers and gaming, but its primary technology is about Instant Leaderboard Payouts (ILP). This is the bread and butter of this technology, according to LaForce, and it has applications beyond gaming. For example, he mentions bowling alleys and loyalty programs as potential users of this technology.

Digging deeper on the concept of an ILP, LaForce mentions that right now, any third-party developer can build a game in the Haste Arcade, but that the Instant Leaderboard Payout technology has not been released for alternative applications yet. He predicts that the company will likely release it later this year.

Omniscape’s Transmira and the metaverse

If there’s one buzzword that stands head and shoulders above all others in the tech world right now, it’s the ‘metaverse.’

Unlike much of the hype, Omniscape has actually built a working product and plans to link it back to the real world. “If it’s tied back to the real world, that’s where you get your utility, value, and practicality,” says Robert Rice, Founder and CEO of Omniscape.

Omniscape has been busy creating 3D, virtual representations of entire cities. Unlike Decentraland and others that are building virtual worlds off to the side, Transmira is building a metaverse that’s tied to the real world. This will blend with AR/VR elements and allow users to explore cities using avatars and interact with elements in the virtual world.

This all starts with digital twins, and Wuckert gets to see first-hand how those work. All of this is only possible on BSV, thanks to the low fees and scalability of the blockchain.

BSV has no serious competitors

Wuckert then explains BSV’s blockchain superpowers to a group of interested conference attendees.

He explains how BSV scales to around 100,000 transactions per second right now, and that’s just the start of it. Speaking about BSV’s competition, he mentions Avalanche and Solana, but also that even with tens of millions in funding, they haven’t been able to compete with BSV seriously.

“It’s done,” Wuckert tells them. Whereas other blockchains will scale in theory someday, BSV scales today, and it’s only going to get bigger and better as time passes by.

VXPass and data sovereignty

Wuckert then visits the booth of what is arguably the most misunderstood project in BSV: VXPASS. Many in the industry view this project with suspicion and think that it could lead to a dystopian nightmare in the future.

VXPASS President Justin Pauly clarifies that the aims of VXPass are the opposite of what many seem to believe. “Your personal medical data should be yours to own,” he said. “We never store your personally identifiable information on-chain. We don’t own the data. We can’t give it away because we don’t own it. I couldn’t even find your records if I wanted to.”

Clearly, there’s a disconnect between what VXPass aims to do and what many seem to believe its goals are. That usually means it’s a good idea to deep dive into the application and study it further. One of the key aims of VXPass is central to BSV in general: data sovereignty.

SmartLedger and Ticketmint

Wuckert also speaks with Shawn Ryan from SmartLedger, and he asks him what he has to say to the people who believe Bitcoin mining is terrible for the environment and waste so much energy.

“When you start looking at the utility of the BSV blockchain, you see that it really offers a sustainable blockchain because of the amount of data you’re able to put on it and the utility it offers to enterprises,” Ryan says.

Focusing on TicketMint, Ryan explains that it’s a smart ticketing platform that utilizes NFTs. It helps mitigate fraud, and it almost completely eliminates third-party ticket gouging. According to Ryan, these are two of the biggest pain points that operators in the industry are dealing with right now.

Built By Gamers

In closing, Wuckert speaks to Tyler Farnsworth, the Chief Marketing Officer at Built By Gamers. He asks what the main goal is for Built By Gamers to come to the CES Tech Vegas conference.

“CES is always the epicenter of the new…the what’s coming. We love that we can come here and be a part of this group with BSV and the BSV community. We came to meet and greet people and to connect with people who need to know more about BSV and Built By Gamers and to tell our story about what we’re committed to over the next year-plus,” Farnsworth replies.

“It’s so fun to see people’s minds and eyes open up when they understand the power of BSV,” he added.

Farnsworth believes 2022 is the year users will flock to the BSV ecosystem, not necessarily because they care about it but because of what they can do.

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